Sticker Pack


6 quality vinyl stickers that stay stuck.

Featuring "Tito the turtle" and "Ruk the golden"

Perfect for your water bottle, cooler, or car.

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Kayla H

Solid purchase

Love the look and the durability of it. Broke in the backpack part for a float trip. Worked great and kept everything dry. Chair is sturdy and lightweight. Even with the backpack full of stuff.



Early Bird Preorder Well Worth It!

I love this bag so much! I use it for everything, not just the beach. Rock climbing, fireworks, bonfires, picnics, you name it. Finding this bag on TikTok was the best thing ever! I'm glad I got to preorder it and watch this company grow from the start!



Absolutely love it!

I absolutely love my Bumruk, specially the chair, it is light weight and easy to carry along with the backpack but I do think if you put too many things on your backpack you will probably think the whole thing is too heavy to carry for too long.

Otherwise, I love how the chair works, how it folds and how comfortable it is! Sometimes I use the backpack alone also and it's great!


Maleke nabbus

My honest thoughts on the Bumruk

Ok I was skeptical of this thing at first, but I kept seeing posts about it so I wanted to see if the hype was real. After about a year with it, I have to say it’s well worth the money. It’s advertised as a beach chair, but it’s so much more. I take it everywhere, you really never know when you need a seat. I watched the fireworks on it! Those saying you might as well get a Tommy bahama with a strap - can you take your TB on a plane? Can you walk around campus with a TB? Does it look as cool? Will it get you the girl? Save your breath, the answer is no. Buy this, it’s worth the money.

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