Bumruk hat


You've all been asking for it. So, here it is. The bumruk hat. Now in stock!

Water repelling, sun shading, badass ball cap.

Offered in "blue" and "tan".

*as seen on co-founders Scott and Will's heads since 2021

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Kayla H

Solid purchase

Love the look and the durability of it. Broke in the backpack part for a float trip. Worked great and kept everything dry. Chair is sturdy and lightweight. Even with the backpack full of stuff.



Early Bird Preorder Well Worth It!

I love this bag so much! I use it for everything, not just the beach. Rock climbing, fireworks, bonfires, picnics, you name it. Finding this bag on TikTok was the best thing ever! I'm glad I got to preorder it and watch this company grow from the start!



Absolutely love it!

I absolutely love my Bumruk, specially the chair, it is light weight and easy to carry along with the backpack but I do think if you put too many things on your backpack you will probably think the whole thing is too heavy to carry for too long.

Otherwise, I love how the chair works, how it folds and how comfortable it is! Sometimes I use the backpack alone also and it's great!


Maleke nabbus

My honest thoughts on the Bumruk

Ok I was skeptical of this thing at first, but I kept seeing posts about it so I wanted to see if the hype was real. After about a year with it, I have to say it’s well worth the money. It’s advertised as a beach chair, but it’s so much more. I take it everywhere, you really never know when you need a seat. I watched the fireworks on it! Those saying you might as well get a Tommy bahama with a strap - can you take your TB on a plane? Can you walk around campus with a TB? Does it look as cool? Will it get you the girl? Save your breath, the answer is no. Buy this, it’s worth the money.

West Palm Beach, FLFor info and inquiries:info@Bumruk.com