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The best beach companion!!!

I absolutely LOVE my BumRuk. It’s the perfect “in between” chair for when you want to tan or lay on a towel, but also don’t want to be totally on the ground. The back support settings that allow you to switch angles is amazing. The backpack is a great touch. It holds everything you need and can even get wet. The entire thing is so easy to carry, as opposed to a more bulkier chair with storage like a Tommy Bahama. A summer must have!


My husband and I LOVE our BumRuk’s! We have used them both in summer and winter and couldn’t be happier. Perfect backpack to take on adventure so you’ve always got a seat and back support. Honestly our favorite use was skiing so our butts stayed outta the wet snow but we could sit for a beer anywhere on the mountain and enjoy the views. HIGHLY recommend. ☺️🥂🙌🏼

Surfers girlfriend must have travel chair/backpack

Just received my Bumruk beach chair/backpack. Im very impressed with the quality of the materials that construct the bag and attached chair! As a long time surfers girlfriend there is nothing worse then being stuck at a surf break in the middle of nowhere,
with no beach chair! I’ve been searching for years for a travel friendly beach chair with no luck until I discovered Bumruk on Instagram. I will be trying it out for our up coming El Salvador trip. 🥰 super excited!

Kayla H
Solid purchase

Love the look and the durability of it. Broke in the backpack part for a float trip. Worked great and kept everything dry. Chair is sturdy and lightweight. Even with the backpack full of stuff.

Elissa Lerner
Solid beach and park solution! Perfect for city

Been using my Bumruk at the park and beach this spring and summer, and it's been pretty comfortable and convenient!
Cons: 1) pretty bad interior stitch and hem finishing. Had to trim *a lot* of loose threads so that the zippers would stop catching on the inside. 2) Logo on the chair itself is really large. I understand wanting to put the brand out there, but it's a little much.

Pros: 1) Beyond convenient. Love being able to carry my chair, towel, and other beach accessories in one bag. I can even strap down a camping table or collapsible tent with the bag straps (though I wish they were a little longer or came with extenders), and just hop on the subway or a bike. 2) Neoprene bag is a nice heavy duty fabric and sturdy zippers. Kind of looks like a Dagne Dover, but more functional for the outdoors.

Overall, glad I have it, some minimal improvements would make this a 5 in my book.